Citrus County, FL, July, 2005 -- ZTMC ( announces the first full release of Sales Trax 1.0 Advertising Management and Click Fraud Protection system. Sales Trax is a proven system for tracking advertising from the point of origin to the point of sale, allowing sales and marketing managers to gauge the effectiveness of online marketing campaigns. Sales Trax provides a powerful reporting system that allows marketers to identify suspicious click traffic and combat click fraud, a growing concern for online advertisers. Sales Trax has been successful in identifying suspicious traffic and obtaining refunds from major Pay-Per-Click (PPC) engines.

Click fraud has been estimated to be as a high as 20% of all clicks. This represents a significant problem for advertisers who pay on a per click basis, regardless of whether the clicks represent legitimate traffic.

Sales Trax has been in active beta testing for over a year as a part of ZTMC’s online marketing services, and is currently bundled within ZTMC’s standard online marketing package. Utilizing the special reporting and tracking features of Sales Trax, ZTMC’s clients and account managers are capable of monitoring current advertising campaigns and other sources of traffic, including traffic generated by search engines and other online sources. Unlike other tools offered by PPC engines, Sales Trax offers a complete solution for all online tracking needs.

In addition to tracking sales and leads, the Sales Trax system can be used to monitor unusual traffic and determine traffic validity. According to ZTMC Product Manager Kari Buser, “Sales Trax has effectively helped ZTMC monitor poor quality traffic and report this traffic to major PPC Engines. To date, we have been issued refunds from most of the major PPC engines on behalf of our clients, based on the information that is produced from our tracking system.”

Sales Trax is a hosted solution that can be installed on most websites in minutes. With an easy to use interface, Sales Trax allows the user to view gross sales generated by each advertising campaign, keyword or URL.

Currently, the ZTMC Sales Trax system is available only to existing ZTMC Marketing customers but is planned to be released as a stand alone product later this year.

To learn more about Sales Trax and ZTMC’s marketing services, visit For pricing or other questions, please e-mail us at, or call Kari Buser at 888-601-5980.